Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Josuttis on C++11

Nicolai Josuttis talks about C++ and why C++ is not his favorite programming

Nicolai Josuttis: You know, I didn’t follow the standardization process of C++11. At the end of 2008 I looked first into the new standard by comparing the C++98/03 versions of classes, such as pair and vector, with their new versions. I was shocked. I had trouble understanding what I found: “What the hell does && mean in declarations?” So if you ask me about the difference, my first answer is: Everything is different! The way you write simple programs and the way you define complicated classes have changed dramatically. C++11's pair<>, for instance, doubled the number of lines.
Nevertheless, the changes go in the right direction. C++11 consequently focuses on the power of C++ -- performance. However, it still has the drawback of making it even harder for programmers to design good classes. Well, it might not be harder, if you know all you have to know; but it’s harder to know all you have to know, now. To some extent, C++11 is a new language, and my new edition simply reflects this change, covering both the new C++ programming style and new classes.

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