Saturday, May 7, 2011


What is It?

KGPU is a GPU computing framework for the Linux kernel. It allows Linux kernel to call CUDA
programs running on GPUs directly. The motivation is to augment operating systems with GPUs
so that not only userspace applications but also the operating system itself can benefit from
GPU acceleration. It can also free the CPU from some computation intensive work by enabling
the GPU as an extra computing device.

The current KGPU release includes a demo of GPU augmentation: a GPU-accelerated AES cipher,

which can be used in conjunction with the eCryptfs encrypted filesystem. This enables read/write 
bandwidths for an ecrypted filesystem that can reach a factor of 3x ~ 4x improvement over an
optimized CPU implementation (using a GTX 480 GPU).

See if interested.

Well, the next "big thing", I guess, would be calling kernel functions from the cloud ;-)

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