Thursday, September 9, 2010

it's possible that there won't be any at all

Willy Tarreau wrote:
Some of you have noticed that the last update was released 7 months ago.
This is long, but these days, very few of the issues reported on 2.6 also
affect 2.4, so basically the number of bug reports on 2.4 fades out quite
So I'm releasing here. If nothing happens before September 2011,
it's possible that there won't be any at all. By that time, the
2.6 kernel will have been available for almost 8 years, this should have
been enough for anyone to have a look at it. Users now have one year to
migrate or to report critical bugs.
At one point, I envisaged to start a 2.4.38 with a bunch of updated drivers.
Now I'd prefer that the users migrate to 2.6. 

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